Need of the Hour

Despite the addition of record 4.5 lakh employees to the tech workforce in FY 2022, the demand-supply gap of the tech industry employee base is expected to widen over the next few years. The upcoming workforce needs exposure to different fields and opportunities in the job market, along with appropriate career guidance. Even if some students are aware of the existing opportunities, they need the right direction to develop the required skills for their desired career path. The current scenario suggests that the majority of the students need to acquire relevant skillsets in order to increase their levels of motivation and employability, thereby nudging them towards their desired careers.

Keeping this need of the hour in mind, the Code Unnati program focuses on upskilling the students in the pre-final / final year of their Engineering Degree courses, giving them an edge over the other students in their cohort when they go for job placements/employment upon completion of their degree courses.

Domain Professionals required in the year 2021-22

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

1.5 lakh

Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics


Internet of Things
Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

1.7 lakh








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